Things are getting real.


Kathy and I met at Tout Suite and I ate the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life. And homemade ketchup! Good friends, good food, good life.

Last week, I met with my friend Kathy to talk about this blog and this project, and I was grateful that I reached out because we had the opportunity to catch up on our lives, as we’ve both had a lot of major life changes over the past year. Kathy is a great artist, and she will be helping me with some design elements for the blog. I’m super excited because it’s just one more step toward making this really real.

Also making my Forty-Two Things project real:

  • I made an official Twitter profile for the blog. It’s @FortyTwoThings. I’m going to start pretty slow with the whole social media aspect, but the account is ready to go.
  • I’m on Instagram too at @FortyTwoThingsProject. (Thanks, dude with zero posts who already had FortyTwoThings) Also starting slow here.
  • I’ve completed two Things!
    • I started this blog, and paid for the domain and everything. is my own little corner of the internet.
    • I have cataloged all my books in Librarything.

Next up: Continuing with the re-read of the Hitchhiker’s series. Taking some bites out of the massive Read or Rid Thing. In Librarything, I’ve tagged the books for the Read or Rid Thing. It’s an embarrassing number. Basically, I need to Read one book a week for the next six and a half years. Which means I’ll be getting Rid of a lot of books. Ha. And I’ve starting looking at inspiration for a few other Things as well as trying to pick which cookbook I want to tackle.

I’m hoping to give the blog a new look over the next month or two. I’ve started sharing the link and Facebook page with a few friends (Hi, friends!). And after that I’ll see where it goes.

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