I Did Another Thing!

Last night I finished Mostly Harmless, the final book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. A few spoilers are coming, so you’ve been warned.

I remembered that I never actually finished that book the first time I read the series. I quit reading around when Trillian showed up again because I didn’t like her. This time though I kept on reading. Eventually things got back to Arthur, but Fenchurch, who was my favorite new character introduced in So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, was gone with so little fanfare. I kept hoping she would come back and live happily ever after with Arthur, but I knew it wasn’t that kind of story. Still, I would have expected more of her exit than “now you see her, now you don’t” because, hyperspace. So I was bummed about that and the ending was anticlimactic. Governmental bureaucracy gets us all in the end, or something like that.

I realize this post is somewhat anticlimactic too. I thought rereading the series that inspired the Forty-Two part of this project would be a good and, admittedly, easy Thing to accomplish. A good starting point. So now I’ve done it. And it’s time to get going on the more “real” Things. I’ve got lots to cook and LOTS of other books to read, along with a whole host of other Things to do.

I’ll be working on the Cookbook Thing and Read or Rid constantly, but I will also start getting myself ready for the 10k. That one is going to be tricky but it should get easier now that the hottest part of summer has passed. It was just too hot to pop the baby in the stroller for a walk on an ozone action day with a heat index above 110 degrees. But now that we’ve got temps only in the 90s, I should be able to get out a few times a week to slowly start getting my body used to moving again.

It feels good to have another Thing crossed off the list. It gives me more steam to move forward!


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