I’m back again – now with Meatless Monday!

I haven’t blogged in so long…I’m not sure where to start.  I guess I’ll just catch you up  on the Things I’ve been doing.

I’ve made a few more Smitten Kitchen recipes — a slaw, alfredo shells and peas, and leek fritters with a sour cream lemon garlic sauce. All of them have been delicious and I’m proud of myself for straying from the bread and dessert sections, because those are definitely the most fun! But these have been really good too. It’s a more difficult cookbook than I originally thought because she does assume that you know some stuff. There’s things like temperatures or cook times that are missing, but it can’t be too bad because I’ve yet to make a total fail.

alfredoTwo weeks ago, we started Meatless Monday with bean patties and broccoli. Last week, we continued with pasta shells, peas, and alfredo sauce. It was a Smitten Kitchen recipe and quite tasty. My first time to make alfredo sauce. I was pleased with how it turned out but I’m not sure it was exactly right. I think I should have let it reduce a little more before I added the butter. Fig and Adam liked it a lot though so that’s all that really matters.  This week we had a lentil pasta dish that I found at Costco. It was Mediterranean flavors and quite tasty.

So Meatless Monday is off to a good start. (One caveat, it’s Meatless Dinner Monday. We’re still having meat for lunch. It just occurred to me today that we aren’t truly meatless for the whole day, but whatever.) It will be difficult to keep up the variety for three months, but it’s a fun challenge. If you have any favorite, quick vegetarian recipes, please share them in the comments! I’ve done more real cooking in the past two weeks than I have in a long time. Not just for Meatless Monday. I’ve had to add some variety to our diet because Fig gets tired of eating the same things week after week, while her dad and I could rotate through the same 8-9 meals over and over into infinity. But I’ve really enjoyed the extra cooking so it’s a win on all fronts.

I’ve done some reading and some ridding, but I’ve also done some book-buying. It’s an endless cycle, and I can’t seem to stop myself. But so many good books keep coming out! (A new Harry Potter!!! New Laurie Notaro!) And I have to get the book each month for my book club. I’ve been to book club twice now and it’s a lot of fun. I don’t really know any of the regular attendees, but I’m getting to know them. And it’s just nice to get out of the house, enjoy some food and drinks, and talk about books that are great (The Library at Mount Char) and not-so-great (The First Bad Man). I haven’t contributed a lot to the discussion and I don’t feel completely comfortable with the group yet, but everyone has been super nice. I’m planning to go again in September.

Speaking of Laurie Notaro, she’s coming to Texas for a reading in October!!! It’s in Austin, and my friend Kristal and I are going to go. I’m really looking forward to seeing her in person and I’m looking forward to a girly road trip with one of my favorite people.

It’s been just over a year since I started this blog and this project. I didn’t make as much progress as I hoped I would, but I’m pleased that I haven’t given up. I haven’t even been tempted to quit. I’m just taking it nice and slow. This next year, I want to start to learn to crochet and maybe start walking more to gear up for the eventual 10k.

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