How is it February already?

In pursuit of my Thing to blog every week for six months, I am writing a post today. (Technically two days late, but whatevs) I have to admit my heart isn’t in it. I’m still feeling very discouraged by the state of the world. And there have been some changes in my personal world lately too. Most of them will turn out to be good in the end, I’m sure, but one is a total wild card, and I won’t see how it shakes out for another couple of months. Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?

And of course, it’s the heart of winter, even though the temperature would indicate otherwise. Still, the days are short, and for some reason, this time of year, specifically the first two weeks of February, are always the worst for me. Things tend to crater around Valentine’s Day and start to get better by my birthday (March 7). So right now I am in a holding pattern. Waiting to see what these new changes will bring and waiting for Daylight Savings Time to swing me back into a neutral or even good mood.

In the meantime, I’m holding on, turning to my usual coping skills of sleep and isolation. (I didn’t say they were healthy coping skills!) But I’m also reading good books and trying to make new friends and continuing working on my Things even when I look at the list and get overwhelmed.

Other recent good things: I completed the photography class and the instructor told me I had good instincts for composition. It felt good to hear that. I’d like to take her Composition class later this year. Also, we are preparing for Fig’s second birthday and the family party that we will hold to celebrate her. How is she nearly two already? She kills me. She’s started saying, “I love you” on her own and when she says it to me, I nearly cry from happiness. She’s also been extra into Mama-snuggles lately, which is good for my heart.

I hope you find some things that are good for your heart this week.


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