February’s Family Fun

Ok, I know I missed a week, but I was on a really good roll there for a while so I’m going to try to keep going. As long as I end up with 22 posts in six months, I’ll feel like the Blog Regularly Thing is a success.

It was a rough week. Fig got sick on Sunday, when I usually do my blogging so it didn’t happen then. Stomach virus. No fun. Then I got sick on Thursday morning. Adam got a version of sick but he wasn’t down for the count like me and Fig. Or maybe he was as sick as I was, but he’s just tougher. That’s a distinct possibility. I’m the biggest weenie when I’m sick. I turn into an overgrown baby, which is tough to be when you’re taking care of a baby, but I can still manage it.

This month, our fun thing with Fig was pretty low-key, but at the end of a sick week, it was enough adventure for all of us. All we did was go to the Heights and visit Big Blue Whale, an indie toy store. (Someone special has a birthday in a couple of weeks plus we had a store credit. Also, it’s a really awesome store and you should shop there. Locally owned stores rule.) We walked up and down 19th Street for a while in the warm sunshine. Then we went over to Down House for an early dinner. Down House is one of our favorite restaurants in Houston, but we hadn’t been in a while because it’s a little fancy for a toddler. In fact, until today, I didn’t know they even had a kids’ menu. Ramona wasn’t a fan of the grilled cheese, but she loved the fries and “sauce” (ketchup). And she loved making a mess with her water. That part, I could have done without.

She’s got this new trick that she loves to do. She’ll drink out of the glass like a normal person and then out of nowhere, she upends the glass and water goes everywhere. Her doctor said she should be drinking out of only open cups by the time she is two, but that is just not going to happen. She already drops lots of milk on the carpet by letting it run out of her mouth on purpose when she’s drinking from a sippy cup, another favorite trick of hers. There’s no way am I giving her an open cup anywhere but the kitchen for a while. Adam and I have no idea why she does either of those things, but they both drive us crazy. That’s probably why she does it. What can I say? Toddlers are fun.

On to other topics, I want to make more progress on my Things, and I feel like it’s time to break into one of the 30-day goals. I’ve got several to choose from. I will probably do the Morning Pages or Praying in Color, which I attempted in December. With all the holiday craziness, it just didn’t work out. The easiest one would probably be making the bed, but for some reason, I am really resistant to doing that one. I have always been hardcore anti-bed-making. It seems like such a waste of time to do it when I’m just going to mess the covers up later that very same day. But then again, I do love the feeling of pulling back the covers on a nicely made bed, and it does seem to make the whole room look neater, even when it is a total mess, which it usually is. (Sorry, Adam.) So that’s why it made the list, but it’s not one of the Things I’m looking forward to doing.

Next weekend we will be busy cleaning the house and getting what we need for Fig’s Second Birthday Party! I know I say this a lot, but I can’t believe my not-so-tiny baby is about to be TWO YEARS OLD. Although, her behavior is tipping more toward those “terrible twos” every day. Her party should be a lot of fun. I found the coolest candles at Big Blue Whale. A glittery “2” and a little star-shaped sparkler for the cake. Speaking of cake, I have to decide what kind I’m going to make this year. Last year’s chocolate with white icing was a big hit. My baby inherited her mama’s chocoholism so it will definitely be some sort of chocolate cake, but I can’t decide between this chocolate peanut butter cake by my beloved Smitten Kitchen or a classic chocolate sheet cake. It will probably come down to time, as the SK cake is a layer cake and I only have one layer pan. But Fig loves chocolate and she loves peanut butter so it might be worth it to go to the effort. Plus, we’ll have enough people to eat it that I can justify making it. mmmm…now I’m hungry.

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