Coloring things

I haven’t worked on any new Things over the past week. I’m still writing the three pages a day. I seem to be missing one day a week, which isn’t too bad. So I’m still counting it as a Thing in progress. Besides, I said I’d do it for 30 days, I didn’t say 30 days in a row. hahaha. I love justifications!

Since I don’t have any Thing news, I thought I’d share some of my coloring. I was an adult color-er even before it was cool because once I learned how to color, I just never stopped doing it. I’ve always found it relaxing. And now there are so many fun books to choose from. So I’m going to share some of my favorite pages that I’ve colored recently.

This one is from The Bloggess‘s new book, You Are Here. It’s part coloring book, part regular book, and all awesome. I highly recommend it. I love the quote. It’s going to replace “This too shall pass” in my list of things I tell myself when I’m feeling bad.


More from You Are Here.

This is from my swear words coloring book. The squirrel with no fucks to give. 

Another page from You Are Here.

This is from a coloring book that my mom got me for Christmas, along with some Prismacolor pencils. It was a great surprise!

Now, this is my favorite one. From You Are Here. I like the quote and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think watercolor pencils might be my new favorite. It’s like making your own paint with water coloring book. Does anyone else remember those? I loved them.

And finally, I’m doing my best to share the love of coloring with Fig. She is quite a fan of it and I think she’s going to be very artsy. Here’s her most recent project from Mother’s Day Out.


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