Just keep posting…

Well, time for an update. Past time, in fact. I haven’t blogged in about three weeks. There are some valid reasons — Fig was sick, then I was sick, then I had to work in the evening. But really, I just haven’t felt like it. I haven’t had much to say. I’m still on track to have 22 posts in six months, though, so I’m still counting the Blogging Thing as in-progress.

Not still in progress is The Morning Pages Thing. When I got sick, I forgot about doing the pages and got out of the habit and I ended up going more than a week without doing it. I made it 19 days so I hate to start over, but I feel like I should. Also, in doing the 19 days of pages, I could see how it could be beneficial to do them first thing in the morning and not right before bed, so I might actually try to wake up early (hahaha) to write when I make my second attempt at this Thing.

IMG_8123I am going to keep this post short as I don’t have anything positive to say at the moment. I keep thinking about chopping off my hair and doing the Pixie Cut Thing, but I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind to make major changes to my appearance.

I hate feeling so emo. It’s times like this when I am so grateful that social media wasn’t a thing in the ’90s. I would have so many sad bastard posts out there. Lots of really bad poetry. Lots of sad selfies like this one to the left from snapchat. But instead of doing that like the little depressed person inside me wants to do, I’m going to ask you to post something in the comments that has made you laugh lately.

I’ll start – what’s been making me laugh lately is sending random snapchats to Adam while we are sitting across the room from each other. Those face filters crack me up and I like to try to put Fig in the pictures with me because she gets a kick out of seeing her face with bunny ears or whatever, but it’s hard to get her to sit still long enough to participate. haha.

Now you go. I need a smile.

2 thoughts on “Just keep posting…

  1. I started a new Terry Pratchett book today – The Fifth Elephant (the 5th book in “The Watch” timeline). He is such a fantastic and witty writer. As I read through a stellar exchange between Vimes and Carrot, I started laughing out loud in the park right next to my job. And then, once I realized I was laughing out loud, I laughed even louder.

    Basically, I want to thank you for introducing me to Discworld – and for being so honest and transparent with your process.

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  2. Saying this without trying to be rude, I have to say the selfie you posted here made me laugh! Not making fun, just seeing Jennifer herd being cutesy cool! Love it! Other things that make me laugh are the quite funny videos of Fig I get! Miss Personality deluxe! I tried to post just a picture of her with her hat on backwards but couldn’t. She makes me smile!


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