A new hobby

You guys, I found a new hobby. It’s a creative outlet. And, no, it’s not one of the Things. But it will help me plan and organize my life and do the Things so I think it still isn’t too much of a distraction from the Things. Besides, the Forty-Two Things are not the boss of me.

Life-wise, I’m still feeling really down. Coloring isn’t even that helpful coloring quiets my mind but not completely and I don’t like where my almost-quiet mind goes these days. Not to good places, y’all. Nowhere good. I needed something that could occupy more of my mind but still be relaxing.

So I guess I was in search of a new hobby. It all started when I saw that Brazos Bookstore, one of my happy places, was doing a workshop for Bullet Journaling. I had never heard of Bullet Journaling, or #bujo as the kids are calling it, but I love anything to do with journals and notebooks and writing things down and being creative in that way. It turns out Bullet Journaling is like a planner and notebook and to-do list and journal all in one. It’s an analog system designed to collect all your random notebooks, pieces of paper, post it notes, and other written down detritus into one conveniently numbered and indexed notebook. But it’s also so much more than that. I’ll get to the so much more in a moment.

Google led me to the official bullet journaling website, but a quick Instagram search for #bulletjournal led me down the #bujo rabbit hole and that’s where I’ve lived for the past two weeks. And don’t even get me started on Pinterest.

That’s right. I spent two weeks researching and reading about bullet journals and how they helped people organize their lives and express themselves. It turns out that lots of people use their bullet journals not only as organizational tools, but as outlets for creative expression. You’ll see lots of calligraphy, doodles, embellishments, and washi tape.  So much washi tape. But the good thing about bullet journaling is that you don’t have to do all that fancy stuff if you don’t want to. There are recommended sections — a future log (year planning sheet), monthly planners, and daily or weekly planners — and then ideas for sections (which they call collections), and you can also create your own collections. And you can do as many or as few collections as you like. It’s fully customizable to what you need/want. So one week you may have a page for each day’s plans and ideas but the next week is slow so you put all the days on one week. Or one week you just don’t have time for the planner and you can skip it entirely and just pick up the next week on the next page.  Because you’re using a blank notebook or the recommended dotted grid notebook.

Now during my two weeks of research while waiting for the workshop, I did not pick up a journal and get started. Why? I’m not exactly sure. I guess I wanted to see what the workshop was like first. To see a bullet journal in a real world setting. But the workshop took place this Tuesday. It was fantastic. The content of the workshop was helpful. A great overview and a lady who does calligraphy was there too doing a demonstration and giving instruction. So I learned a little bit about lettering. It’s still too much like drawing for me to take to it naturally, but I’m having fun playing with it and learning. I ended up at a table full of hilarious, friendly ladies who made me feel welcome enough to crack jokes and laugh loudly and not care that I wasn’t that great at drawing or lettering. By the end of the workshop, I was ready to dive into my Leuchtturm 1917 notebook with my micron pens (a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift from Adam and Fig) and start my very own bujo. I may have even bought some washi tape.

I’ve been using it as a planner and work notebook since Tuesday, and I love it.  It’s nice to have just one notebook, even though it still feels weird to have work and personal stuff mixed together. But I’m going with the spirit of it, and I’ve even added some fun collections about books and TV and self care and, of course, notes about my Forty-Two Things.

5-17 lettering

Practicing Lettering at the Brazos Workshop

5-17 bujo

My first Bullet Journal and fancy pens

5-17 bujo self care

A fun collection with reminders about ideas for self-care.

5-17 bujo books

Tracking books I’ve finished. I’m super proud of this layout. I copied the idea but I drew it myself! And yes, that is a tooting goose in the lower left corner.

Next post, I’ll get back to the Forty-Two Things and probably write about some trips we’ll soon be taking. Plus, I found a great online class for crocheting. If I can get my mind on board, I will start working on that beast. I also have an appointment with a hairstylist to get some purple balayage on June 10 so that will be another Thing checked off! Fun summer hair, here I come!















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