Transitions and Fun Times

I am not working on any Things at the moment. I am finally coming out of the depression, I think (yay, medicine!), and so I’m still regrouping. I am having so much fun with my bullet journal though. I have created some collections about the Forty-Two Things and I’m trying to decide which 30-day challenge I want to try to tackle next. And after June 10, I’ll reveal my new hair color, marking off one more Thing. Also, in four more weeks, I’ll be able to check off the Blog Regularly Thing. So I guess you could say I’m ambiently Thinging.

The residents of The Bob (the name we gave to our house) are in a state of transition at the moment. Fig’s Mother’s Day Out program ended for the summer and we are transitioning from two MDO days and three days with one of her Aunts to full-time day care at a Montessori School down the street. I took a week off from work because this week is a transition week at the school, where she goes for 30 minutes, then 1 hour, then a half day, then a 3/4 day, then she’ll start full days. Instead of trying to juggle work, I decided to use vacation time that I have to use or lose by the end of the summer. Today was the first day and she did a great job. She got into everything and she talked and identified colors and shapes and basically blew everyone’s mind with her brilliance. (Maybe some mom bias in there.) Also, we just turned her car seat around to forward-facing and she loves it! She climbs up there and waits to be buckled in like a big girl. I love seeing how proud she is of herself when she does something new.

More transitions are on the horizon, as we’ll soon be moving Fig from her crib to a floor bed (what Montessori people call a mattress on the floor), and we’ll tackle potty training.

Last weekend, we went to Wimberley with Adam’s family and we had a great time. It’s a very quiet, lovely town in the Hill Country. We spent one afternoon in Gruene and ate at the Grist Mill because that’s what you do in the Texas Hill Country. And Fig swam in the kiddie pool and enjoyed the float in the shape of mom’s favorite emoji.


Fig is so blessed to have such a great extended family, including one sweet baby cousin. I look forward to seeing how the family expands over the next decade. (Note: The Bob is at capacity so don’t get your hopes up. Looking at you, Mom.)  It was an excellent trip and we were barely out of the driveway to head home when Fig fell asleep, always the sign of a good time.




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