*sad trombone*

So, I didn’t complete the Blog Regularly for Six Months Thing. I was three posts short at the end of June. So that one’s going to get a restart. I’m glad I gave myself so much time to do these Forty-Two Things. This has been a slow year.

In non-Thing news, I haven’t been at my best lately. I’ve got some stressful situations happening and so I don’t think I’m necessarily depressed, but I’m definitely having a reaction to the current stressors in my life. It’s sapped my energy and motivation to do Things or to write blog posts. I haven’t even been Bullet Journaling or coloring much in the evenings. I’m still keeping my Bullet Journal as a planner and work notebook, but none of the extra stuff. Although I am taking a hand lettering class next week which should be fun. And I’m out of my reading funk, thanks to the audiobook of the new David Sedaris book as well as my book club pick for last month (The Gates by John Connolly).


Have I mentioned how much I love audiobooks? I have a subscription to Audible and I also get audiobooks from the library. I love the feeling of being read to. My favorites are Harry Potter (duh), American Gods full cast recording, and anything read by David Sedaris. I don’t get quite as much audiobook time these days since I don’t spend a lot of time in the car, or when I am in the car, Fig demands that I put on “Ash” (AKA the soundtrack to the movie Sing) or Elsa (pretty sure I don’t need to tell you what movie she’s from). Whenever I get in a reading funk, I can usually count on an audiobook to pull me out of it and get me back into words. And after a few weeks of reading again, writing usually follows.


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