Fig Times

Nothing new to report in Thing-Land so here’s a collection of random adorableness, courtesy of my almost three-year-old.

Mommy, come with me to my room. We’re going to do beautiful magic.

I am as strong as a mountain. I have lots of work to do.

*singing* You are a prince! I am a queen!

Stand up! I tie you up like a dinosaur!

It’s not ice cream day. It’s spinning day.

I’m gorgeous! My gorgeous shirt is dirty. My gorgeous pants are dirty. My gorgeous undies are dirty. My gorgeous socks are dirty. My gorgeous shoes are dirty.

[laying down, supposed to be asleep in hotel bed on vacation] Elephant, what are you doing? I’ve got you. I’m taking care of you.

And my favorite:

We don’t put fingers in nose. Germs. [picks a booger and then eats it] I eat germs!

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