The 42 Things

To be completed, in no particular order, are these 42 Things, broken down into categories of Life, the Universe, and Everything. I’ll add links to the corresponding tags as I work on each Thing so you can easily find posts about the progress.


  1. Pick a cookbook and make every single recipe in it. Tag: Cookbook
  2. Finish a 10k. Tag: 10k
  3. Make a literary sign post.
  4. Learn to crochet. Tag: Crochet
  5. Take a Zumba class (or some other dance aerobic class). Tag: Zumba
  6. Blog regularly (once a week or more) for at least 6 months. Tag: Blog regularly
  7. Spend 30 days doing morning pages. Tag: Morning Pages
  8. Take a photography class. Tag: Photography
  9. Submit a poem or essay to publications until it’s accepted. Tag: Publication
  10. Paint pottery with my daughter.
  11. Take Fig to Galveston for a trip to the Train Museum and surrey rides on the Seawall.
  12. Make a list of 42 things that I like about my body. Body Love
  13. Crochet one thing for myself and one thing for someone else. Tag: Crocheting things
  14. Take a bookmaking class.

The Universe

  1. Send handwritten letters to 20 people. Tag: Letters
  2. Do a veggie co-op for a season.
  3. Send gifts for no reason to five people.
  4. Get passports for Adam, Fig, and me.
  5. Get a stamp in the passports.
  6. Go to the Grand Canyon.
  7. Meatless Monday for three months. Tag: Meatless Monday
  8. Serve at church.
  9. Take Fig to a beautiful beach.
  10. Go back to Quartz Mountain Nature Park.
  11. Do a silent spiritual retreat.
  12. Pray in Color every day for a month. Tag: Pray in Color
  13. 30 days of a gratitude practice
  14. 30 days of mindfulness practice

And Everything

  1. Start the 42 Things blog. Tag: 42ThingsBlog
  2. Reread The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Tag: Hitchhiker’s Guide
  3. Read the books I’ve had for years and never read — or get rid of them. Tag: Read or Rid
  4. Update my Librarything list – and keep it maintained. Tag: Librarything
  5. Host a fancy dinner party. Tag: Dinner Party
  6. Get rid of clothes that I haven’t worn in over a year, but allow myself 10 sentimental exceptions. Tag: Clothes
  7. Have a pixie haircut.
  8. Dye at least some of my hair purple. Tag: Purple
  9. Paint a room in our house.
  10. Take a class or workshop at the Jung Center.
  11. Eat food that I grew in my own garden.
  12. Make the bed every morning for 30 days. Tag: Make the Bed
  13. Join/start a book club. Tag: Book Club
  14. Finish NaNoWriMo, dammit.

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