The Photography Class Thing

1-8-16-cameraSomething exciting happened this week — I started a four-week photography course at the Houston Center for Photography! I’ve been wanting to do one for my job for a while, and I finally gave up on the place where I usually take my classes ever doing a digital photo class again so I found this one at HCP. I have been to the first class and it was really good. It brought back some of what I learned in the college photography class I took, way back in the day, with a fully manual 35mm camera, and gave me better understanding of terms I recognized from that class. I’m excited to see what I learn over the next three weeks.

As far as other Things, I’m moving along with Read or Rid. I’ve placed several books in the “to sell at Half-Price Books” pile and I’ve finished many more. I think I completed more books in 2016 than I did in the two years prior. At least. Like I said earlier, I’m a great book-starter, not such a great book-finisher. And I’m really enjoying tracking my reading progress on Goodreads. I’m still keeping Librarything updated, but I like the social aspect of Goodreads. You should be my friend over there!

My most recently finished book was Glitter in the Blood: A Poet’s Manifesto for Better, Braver Writing by Mindy Nettifee. It was different from any writing reference book I’ve read before — much more personal, even confessional at times, and she drew on lots of other disciplines for explanations and tips and inspiration. The tone of the writing bordered on annoying at times, but her ideas for exercises were great. And she had some really clear tips for editing that I’d never thought about before, nor heard about in all the different writing workshops I’ve taken. It’s definitely a book that I will revisit and it made me feel the poetry itch for the first time in a long time.

Also, with this post, I am staying on track for the Blog Regularly Thing. Yes, it’s only two weeks in a row and I still have 5.5 months of this to go, but it’s a good start. And I did finish my editorial calendar so I’ve got a plan to keep my momentum going. Woohoo!

And in closing, I must announce that Fig used the potty for the first time tonight! We’re not officially potty training but we bought a potty and put her on it before her bath and she went in it! A banner day for the Newtons!




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