I did another Thing!

I finally did it! I dyed some of my hair purple! I made it a Thing because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but even when I was more adventurous with my hair, I never did a straight up purple or blue color. It was always mixed in with whatever auburn or black I was doing at the time so it popped in the sun, but it wasn’t a true color. And it worked out well because I’ve also been wanting to try balayage-style of coloring and I found a salon that does tons of vivid colors. (Follow their Instagram to see some of the fun things people do over at @katsmeowsalonhouston.)

I made the appointment weeks ago and I’ve vacillated back and forth ever since. And I nearly didn’t do it. I went to the appointment thinking that I would do something else. Because…reasons, mostly related to fear. Fear of judgment, fear of being noticed. But I got in that chair and I thought about all the times in my life that I’ve said no to something because of fear. Way too many times. And dyeing my hair purple is a small thing in the grand scheme of life. Hair grows and re-colors easily enough. So I told the stylist, Julie, to go for it.

Here’s how it went down.

Before: Hadn’t colored my hair in about 15 months, hadn’t cut it in 6.


Step One: Lifting the color and coloring the roots


Step Two: Adding the purple


Step Three: Cutting and styling (not pictured)

After: Happy with my new hairdo
(and also, my hair’s never been this long before in my life!)

I still feel very nervous about the likelihood of being more noticed and “being seen” when I’ve spent most of my life being invisible, or trying to be. But I really love the color and the cut so I’m telling myself that’s all that matters. Because it is!

And it’s one more Thing to check off my list! Woooooo!



2 thoughts on “I did another Thing!

  1. “But I really love the color and the cut so I’m telling myself that’s all that matters.”

    That really IS all that matters. It’s all part of believing in yourself.

    And it looks GREAT!


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